Saturday, April 19, 2014

TheLilMoShow Blast Fan on Instagram Plus New Song “Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyaltyyy Feat. Da Brat


I really would hate to be this younglady that TheLilMoShoe blast on Instagram. 

Sometimes it not even worth trying to come at celebrity not unless you got a goal to try to get your own 15 seconds of trying to be famous.  Well this younglady got her 15 seconds and in the end it was not cute at all.

Make sure you also check out TheLilMoShow new song “Loyalty, Loyalty Loyaltyyyy Feat. DaBrat”.

R & B Diva LA reality star is holding no cute cards.  Lil Mo went straight for her estranged husband head in her new new track Loyalty, Loyalty, loyalty  Feat. Da Brat on her new mixtape No Shit Sherlock.

I guess we can say there will be no getting back with her estranged husband Phillip Bryant where she is dating a Philadelphia boxer by the name Dynamite real name Carl Dargen.

Can’t be mad about her moves. Do your thing LilMo.

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