Friday, January 2, 2015

Kat Stacks Get Exposed On Instagram by Pimp / Boyfriend sister.

We all know how Kat Stacks love to exposed people on instagram and twitter.
I guess this time someone else beat her to it.

Check it out. Repost: @STARRFYABINATURE

This is not a game or joke... i dont give a damn bout tv studio ig face book... none of that. I just got on this ig shit... bitch TO KEEP UP WITH MY LIL CUSINS. I DONT FUCK WIT. NOBODY.  when family haven a disagreement, u shut the fuck up.. im REAL st from the west side... born and raised atl dil i die. U wont make it here. U fucked over the wrong person. Mind your buidness. Its to late u pussy whipped my brother. For now... bitch u dont have nothing. U runnin behind a man to his job every nite. Getting drunk. Leaven with random neggas. Comen back broke. Waken up hungry with no soap to wash your ass, borrowing my personals. Bitch i was so kind to give yall my room. YOU HOMELESS, U DONT TAKE CARE YO KID. BITCH U DONT WORK. U A COACH POTATO. WATCHING NETFLIX ALL DAY. RUNNING ROUND ATLANTA BEGGING FOR FREE HAIR DUES AND NIAL. U HANGING AT PIN UPS ON EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY. THEN AQUARIUS ON SAT. WHERE MY BROTHER WORKS.  YOU SUCKING UP ANY THING THATS FREE. LETS TALK ABOUT HOW U TRYED TO COME IN SIDE CLUB CRUCIAL,  AND WEST SIDE WAS BOUT TO KICK THAT ASS. U RAN BACK TO THE LIMO. SCRAY ASS BITCH. U HAD THREE OR FOUR DRESSES TO YOUR NAME. NO MONEY NO FOOD.. JUST A OUT DATED BOOK, THATS OLD NEWS... U PLAYING WITH THE REAL DEAL NOW.. WELCOME TO ATLANTA BITCH..... SWATTS....

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