Friday, February 28, 2014

Kim Kardashian Fled Vienna Ball After Getting Insulted Plus The Blackface Videos


Kim Kardashian Gets paid $500 Grand to Be a billionaire date then get insulted

Kim Kardashian reportedly got paid $500k to attend the Vienna Ball as billionaire Richard Lugner’s date. However, Kim fled the scene because a white man started to mimic Kanye West in “blackface” and her date tried to get some alone time. 

Earlier Kim Kardashian and her mom did a interview with OperaBall 2104 and a comedian.  Well the lady that was doing the interview ask the comedian was he going to dance and he told her when the music of  the N word in Vienna.  Why they both laugh in Kim face.  I guess this is where Kim supposedly walk out of the ball.

Thanks to my ladybugs we came across this instagram video of Kim Kardashian actually walking in the ball surrounded by her hire security guards.  At the end of this mini clip you will see the guy with the blackface acting like a rapper saying what he was going to do to her back at the hotel.   WOW.


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