Saturday, April 12, 2008

Are they marry or not? I think the whole world want to know

I guess everyone is wondering are they marry or not. Look I truly do understand the privacy and all the secrets but once you say I do why not let the entire world know Hey we are now Mr. and Mrs. Sean Carter.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z ordered 75 boxes of white-and-cream-colored orchids for their April 4 nuptials at the rapper's downtown Manhattan apartment, florist Amy Vongpitaka tells
"It made the apartment like a heaven, like a palace," says Vongpitaka, owner of NYC's Amy's Orchids. "You walked in, and it was all flowers — everything white and creamy."
In the new issue, Us Weekly reports on the singer's two dresses, what their first dance song was, the celebrity guests and just how tall the wedding cake was (hint: 5-foot-8!).
Vongpitaka says she only had "one week's notice" that they were tying the knot and that the 750 pounds of flowers arrived three days before they said "I Do!" in front of Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Beyoncé's sister, Solange.
The couple also ordered many foot-long garlands to drape around the $8 million, 9,000-square-foot apartment. (See their most romantic moments here.)
"Beyonce requested the specific look of the bloom," Vongpitaka says.
The day before the wedding, "I heard Beyoncé was thrilled," Vongpitaka says. "I know she's so happy with this wedding."


But whole up here is another senerio

They are at a basketball game and they both are hiding their hands. WTH. Is it that major that they are marry that they have to hide it. If I been with a guy for 5 or more years, the realtionship has been somewhat in the press but in the end I got the wedding of my dreams and you want to hide your rings. I hope they both sign a Prenup. I give it 2 years and they will be in divorce court. I mean he was milking the cow for the longest and you want to hide the marriage. Could it be like the rumors that is going around that she is pregnant and was force by the parents to get marry like how her sister did. Yes they dont have to prove a damn thing to folks because its their marriage and we as fans dont have to live with their result.

Maybe they are going to announce it at some major event. Who knows who care.

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