Friday, March 21, 2008

Lebron James and Gisele Bundchen on the Cover of Vogue

Well as you all probably read on different blogs that they is much controversy of this Pic. This is label King James Kong because of the way his mouth is open and the way he stand reminding us african-American the slogin "All blacks are animals" or "Black People are monkeys".
From ESPN. COM page 2:

"LeBron’s image clearly means a lot to him, maybe even as much as pursuing a championship. And that’s why I can’t understand why he would allow Vogue to feature him with supermodel Gisele Bundchen in such a distasteful manner. LeBron has Gisele in one hand and a basketball in the other. LeBron is dressed in basketball gear, with his muscles flexing, tattoos showing and bared teeth. Gisele, on the other hand, is wearing a gorgeous slim-fitting dress, and smiling. But Vogue’s quest to highlight the differences between superstar athletes and supermodels only successfully reinforces the animalistic stereotypes frequently associated with black athletes.
A black athlete being reduced to a savage is, sadly, nothing new. But this cover gave you the double-bonus of having LeBron and Gisele strike poses that others in the blogosphere have noted draw a striking resemblance to the racially charged image of King Kong enveloping his very fair-skinned lady love interest. Vogue deserves criticism, but more blame should go to LeBron and other black athletes, who need to exercise stricter control of their images. If LeBron is brave enough to wear a Yankees cap at an Indians playoff game, picking up a history book and educating himself shouldn’t cause a strain. As it is, LeBron was the first African-American male to grace Vogue’s cover. Too bad it will be memorable for the wrong reasons."
Maybe someone need to pimp slap this person that wrote this article because seriously I don't see this. You know what I see, I see a magazine cover that barely have African-American grace the cover of a upscale magazine that in 20 to 50 years from now this cover will be worth Millions. Instead of being proud there are some folks out that still stuck in the past of racism and slavery. Yes Racism is everywhere but when are African Americans going to realize that we are the future of the ancestors that had to deal with Slavery. Sometimes I truly do believe that we as race of color are our worst enemy as of today. We always criticizing each other and knocking each other down. How are we to teach our kids who represent the future of our ancestor that deal with the brute of it all to move pass Racism?
I was reading so many blogs about this subject and just have to shake my head. Guess what with all this controversy going on with this magazine cover its probably one of the hottest on the market. With this controversy this magazine probably reach it highest selling point.
The director that came up with this Concept Congradulations. To Lebron James Congradulation on being the cover of Vogue. Trust me brother man in 20 years your grandkids will be talking about this cover. Be proud and be strong of what you stand up for. No one can tell you how to run your life. No one can tell you how you should protray yourself as a Black Man. So many people probably hating on you right now because you came out of your box not allowing your ego and pride hold you back to something that will back joy of your career.
This is the First Vogue cover that represent Sports with Fashion.

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